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Fear. Hatred. Prejudice. For over a decade the X-Men have waged an enduring struggle to see their mentor's dream of peaceful coexistence come to fruition. And yet, despite how they have persevered over the many hurdles thrown at them, they have come no closer to accomplishing their goals then when they first started. With all the heartache, loss, and death. Is such a dream still worth fighting for? 
X-Men Vol. 2 #177 "The Promise of Change"

Cyclops: Scott Summers is the first X-Man chosen by Professor Charles Xavier to be the field leader and prime example of Xavier's dream for peaceful co-existence. However, after the events that led to the death of his wife, the Scarlet Witch affair, and the current climate of mutant-human relations. Cyclops finds himself thrust in the spotlight as his own people are in danger of becoming a dying breed. With the future looking bleak can the X-Men make the dream work when their is so much at stake?

Colossus: Ever the artistic soul. Piotr Rasputin's revival was something short of miracle. Since coming back he has found solace from his demons in the loving arms of his former flame Kitty Pride and together they form the back bone of this latest incarnation of X-Men.

Wolverine: Finally free of his own demons and able to remember much of his past. Logan has put aside his need for revenge temporarily to help his only family find a way to bridge the gap between mutants and humans before a war breaks out between a dying race and perfectly thriving one.

Bishop: Lucas Bishop was a man from a time line that was rife with tragedy. After apparently succeeding in his mission to avert his bleak future he now finds himself working along side the living legends he grew up idolizing to prevent an even worse future from unfolding.

Jubilee: Jubilation Lee was a troubled orphan who defied authority and survived on the streets by using her wits and her ability to detonate matter. Upon joining the X-Men and then it's junior group Generation-X she had found a family that helped her cope with the loss of her original one. When Generation-X disbanded due to the massacre of one of its students Jubilee found herself again traveling around the San Francisco area homeless. After the loss and regaining of her powers Jubilee returned to the X-Men to find her place in life and a purpose that she has desperately lacked.

Shadowcat: Kitty Pride has always been looked upon as the little sister of the older X-Men, yet, time and time again she has proven herself to be just as capable as they are. With the return of Colossus and massive reorganization of the school. Kitty finds herself torn between the man she loves and trying to mend the rift between her surrogate family.


Psylocke: Made completely whole both physically and mentally by the last vestige of the Crimson Dawn. Elizabeth Braddock has returned with an amalgamation of every psychic ability she has ever possessed. Now back with the X-Men as a completely changed woman. She lives every day to it's fullest. Not knowing if the next moment it could be her last.