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Submission Guidelines

So you want join Marvel: Shattered Image, yes? Well we have a few guidelines that we'd like you to follow before getting to work on your proposal.

First of all you must understand that MSI is not looking for rehashes you could find at every other Marvel Site around here. The second thing is the continuity of MSI cuts off after House of M. We are looking for broader and boldertakes on classic marvel characters that Marvel is too afraid to do. When I say bolder I don't mean out of character portrayals of the characters I mean coming up with ideas and concepts that haven't been tried yet with the characters. A continuity guide line will be up at some point and detail the the starting point of our site and the most significant points of our shared continuity. Only the most significant elements chosen by the group will be put up.

Proposal guide lines:

1) Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, what your email is, what project you're interested in, and what type of project it is (ongoing, mini-series, one-shot).

2) Pitch your series. Give us the details of your concept and who it revolves around. It doesn't have to be long, but we would like to know what effect your work will have on the continuity of our site and the work of the other writers.   

3) Plot breakdown. For ongoing series, I ask for at least a summary of the plots for the first six issues. That's one breakdown per issue. If you don't know what a story breakdown is then here is an example.


Story Arcs:


Lights Out: Wolverine is delivered a note foretelling of the abduction of Amiko, his adopted daughter. He is given specific instructions as to how he can win her back. So he heads to China to find the first clue and ends up in battle with a bio replicate of his arch-foe Sabertooth before engaging the villain known as Fade Out. (Approximately 1-3 issues)

Breakdown's can be as short as that or as long as needed. The point is you have to get your idea across as plainly as possible.


For a mini-series I ask for a complete plot overview of the entire series so I know what you are doing and see if it gels with the continuity of our shared universe.

4) Your dibs. What characters, locales, concepts will you be using in the series? Also, if you're having guest stars, let us know that the character will only be a guest star. That way the character could be freed up for someone else.

5) A writing sample. I'd prefer to see how you write. If you have a link for a site you write on, great, give us that link, and tell us where to look. If not, attach a short (no more than 10K) sample of your work to your proposal.


All proposals are to be sent to Mick Edwards (EIC, web-master) at and Jason P. Trenner (Assistant EIC) at