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It was the worst tragedy to ever befall earth's mightiest heroes. Their very own teammate the Scarlet Witch had gone mad and broke the back of the very family that loved her. Since the disbandment of the former team a prison breakout has raised questions on who arranged it - not to mention the many mysteries that are linked to it. To solve these mysteries and deal with the resurfacing of old enemies and the emergence of new ones alike. A new charter of Avengers has been born!

New Avengers #16 "Operation Sword and Shield Part 1"

With a massive bang the door to the pier fifteen warehouse hit the floor. In walked in a determined figure with round discus slung over his right arm. He raised a finger to his left ear and opened the line to his comrade outside as the startled thugs reached for their weapons.

"This Captain America I've made it into the north-side and I'm about to engage the enemy," said Captain America while he deftly tossed his shield to relieve his opponents of their weapons.

I receive you Cap. I'm contacting teams 2 through 4.


In a flurry of motion the Avenger known as Ronin had infiltrated the east side with Spider-Man at her side. As she plowed her way through the arms smugglers Spider-Man watched from the ceiling above amazed at her gracefully swift movements. Her hands and feet were a blur as they struck back and forth between enemies before coming to a rest at her sides as she openly dared the ones that were left to come at her. Spider-Man webbed up those that attempted to attack her from behind when he received contact from Iron Man.

"Yo Shell Head what's up?" said Spider-Man as he web-yanked an enemy from Ronin's back and webbed him to the ceiling.

How are you and Ronin proceeding on the east side? Captain America has already entered the north side and is nearly to the center of the warehouse.

"I would say we are doing great. In fact since we are strapped for cash I wonder why we don't hire out Maya as a personal bodyguard. With those moves she puts Bruce Lee to shame and now that I think about it she isn't that bad a looker either."

You do realize that what you just said was texted to Maya right?

"Heh, I did not know that."

Ronin looked up at Spider-Man and walked off making a hand sign that Spider-Man recognized very well.


Luke Cage stood in the midst of a pile of unconscious men who were knocked out by the debris from when he came in through the wall. He dusted off his leather jacket and smiled at his handiwork.

Luke report. How is your progress?

"I'm doin' fine. I just took out the west side. I should be meeting up with the others soon."



On the south side of the pier fifteen warehouse Rogue let loose with streams of hot fiery plasma which melted the multiple fire arms pointed at her, but left no long term damage to their criminally minded owners. The Southern Belle felt a release of past frustrations as she rounded them up with her controlled bursts of plasma.

Rogue report.

"Everything's fine here sugah. Ah've got these boys attention for the moment so do excuse me if I'm late."

Understood Rogue.


Sentry floated above the warehouse with Iron Man. His eyes glowed with the awesome power of psionic energies untapped by humankind. Iron Man monitored the progress of the team as they cleared their way through the arms dealers while he kept in contact with the police to keep them updated of the situation. He turned to Sentry wondering what the unstable powerhouse was thinking.

"Penny for your thoughts," said Iron Man.

"I'm just thinking of my wife. All this time I thought she was dead."

"I can't say that I know how that feels."

"I can't imagine you know what it feels like waking up as if you were having a bad dream and finding out people forgot about you. I know I'm not the sanest person around, but...I tried to be the best hero I could be."

Iron Man didn't offer a response. He merely watched wondering if Sentry was going to have a breakdown when a transmission came in from the team.

Iron Man we made it the center and I think you should come in here.

"What is Cap?"

You'll just have to see for yourself. Get in here quick.

"Are you going to be okay by yourself, Robert?" said Iron Man.

Sentry nodded his head.


Iron Man flew inside leaving the troubled golden guardian by himself.


Darkness swept Karl Lykos vision and in the distant recesses of consciousness he heard the soft dripping of water. He tried to move, but his hands and feet were restrained by shackles. His eyes opened with a touch of Sauron's influence showing through. He glared at the guards and turned away with disgust on his face. A SHIELD agent came in with guardsmen flanking him. He waved them to both sides of the room as he walked over to Karl.

"You gave us quite the chase Mister Lykos. My name is Agent Lester Abraham so if you have anything you would like to share please do so."


"I thought I would come here so we could have a chat," said Agent Abraham as he leaned closer. "I know your thirsty."

"Get away bastard before I suck you dry."

"Those chains you're wearing redirect the synchrokinetic absorption field that you use to absorb people's life forces back on yourself. I bet it's taking a heavy toll on your body."

"Fuck you," said Karl.

"You here that boys? This guy is a riot. He thinks I should go fuck myself. Why don't you boys step outside" said Agent Abraham.

The guardsmen stepped outside shutting the door behind them and took sentry outside said door.


"This is what the great Batroc has been reduced to? No, that cannot be!" said Batroc as he hung upside down from the top bunk of a cell in Ryker's Maximum Security Prison. "I must how do you say it - make with the great escape no?"

"Shut up you French clown," said Herman Schultz, the ever arrogant Shocker.

"Monsieur, I insist you do not insult my lineage for I will be forced to teach a lesson courtesy of my undefeatable feet."

"The day a clown like you beats the Shocker is the day Trump has to trade sexual favors for change."

"That is it. I cannot take no more of your insolence. I must teach you a lesson courtesy of my labor of Le Perfection - Savate," said Batroc.

The Shocker chuckled at the remark and flicked a toothpick that he had in his mouth in Batroc's face. "The only labor I have noticed is your stench."

Angered by the act of disrespect, Batroc dropped down from the top bunk and backed away motioning for Shocker to get up. "I will not wait another moment cur. Get up."

"All you are asking for is trouble. So if I was you I'd get back on that bunk before you get hurt."

"I have nothing to be afraid from some one who relies solely on gimmicks. I am pure one hundred percent all natural," said Batroc.

"Okay, you asked for it."

Batroc threw a kick at Shocker's face only to miss by inches. Surprised only momentarily Batroc threw several more kicks at the masked manic only for each one to not even come close to Shocker's face. The angered Frenchman leaped through the air with his foot forward and aimed at Shocker's jaw, but he was grabbed by the heel and slammed into the wall.

"It is not possible. No one has ever handled me this way save Mister Hyde," said Batroc as he clutched his ribs while he got up. "I will not beaten by you. Even if you are stronger and faster than me."

"Your funeral kid."

"No! It is yours for daring to humiliate me!" said Batroc as he flipped forward and connected with a dropkick that sent Shocker crashing into the bunks.

"Ha! I barely even felt that," said Shocker as he pushed off the crumpled bunks beneath him. Batroc stared wide-eyed wondering what monster was he messing with that could be driven through two bunks and get right back up without any injuries.

"No, get away!"

"There is no mercy for you, Batroc. Not when I warned you and you wouldn't listen."

Guards rushed toward the cell and Shocker stopped his pursuit of Batroc cursing his luck.

"Damn, looks like the jig is up. I guess my boss will be unhappy that I got found out so soon," said Shocker as he opened his shirt to reveal a digital countdown.

"Mon-Du!" said Batroc as he watched Shocker's body begin to spark and burn.

The digital counter ticked down from three to two then one and the world went white.


Iron Man ran a deep sensor scan over the weaponry after his teammates showed him where they were stored. He couldn't believe the data that was being uploaded into his brain. Captain America watched his long time friend and wondered what had the armored avenger so shook up. It was several moments before Iron Man spoke.

"It can't be. It just isn't possible," Iron Man said.

"What's a matter shell head? You're acting kind of spooked," said Luke.

"These weapons have no identifiable serial numbers with which to trace their origins ," said Iron Man. "Worse yet they have Ani-Metal shaped bullets in them."

"Is there any sign of them being filed off?" said Captain America with a look of obvious worry on his face.

"No, I have scanned the entire make up of the guns with that in mind and it seems these weapons were never designated with serial numbers."

"It makes you wonder what these guns were made for," said Spider-Woman.

"Well, we know that Ani-Metal destroys metal so whatever the gun dealers were planning for these weapons had to be big," said Spider-Man.

"I think...that we should question our prisoners," said Ronin.

The other Avengers looked at Ronin surprised by her sudden opening up since she had been quiet lately.

"Sounds like the obvious solution," said Spider-Man.

"What should we'll do with these weapons?" said Rogue.

"I have some place safe that I can dispose of them. That is if you guys trust me to do it," said Iron Man.

"I see no other option given we can't trust the police with these weapons and we are acting on a limited budget," said Cap.

"Good, I'll use a gravity disc to haul these to the Quinjet while you guys find our stoolie."

The Avengers walked toward the gun runners with Luke Cage in the front. The former Power Man cracked his knuckles as he glared at the little sacks of shit.

"So who wants to talk first?" said Luke. "Because the sooner you talk. The easier it will be on you."


After thirty minutes Agent Abraham came out of Lykos cell covered in blood.

"I want you clean up that piece of trash while I am going to get cleaned up," said Agent Abraham.

The guardsmen nodded and went into the room as Agent Abraham left.

Next Issue: More questions are raised and fewer answers arise as Operation Sword And Shield continues!