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It was the worst tragedy to ever befall earth's mightiest heroes. Their very own teammate the Scarlet Witch had gone mad and broke the back of the very family that loved her. Since the disbandment of the former team a prison breakout has raised questions on who arranged it - not to mention the many mysteries that are linked to it. To solve these mysteries and deal with the resurfacing of old enemies and the emergence of new ones. A new charter of Avengers has been born!

Written By Michael Edwards

Captain America: Disturbed by the recent breakout and the new found corruption in SHIELD. Steve Rogers has formed a new version of the Avengers who are more idealistic than his former comrades to get to the bottom of these strings of problems and mysteries.

New Avengers #16

Sentry: Not much is known about Robert Reynolds save that he claims to be the world's greatest superhero. Being on the New Avengers allows Captain America and Iron Man to keep track of a powerful being who maybe just as strong as the Asgardian God Thor.


Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew has always been a mystery to herself as much as she has been a mystery to her allies and enemies. But since joining the New Avengers she has been give a chance to set her life straight.


Rogue: Due to recent events in Rogue's personal life. She has decided to take time away to sort out her personal feelings and her returned memories before she returns to the family she loves.  With Wolverine busy on X-Men business Rogue has been offered as his stand in on the team.


Ronin: Formerly known as Echo -- Maya Lopez has joined the New Avengers in Daredevil's stead. With her photographic reflexes and body reading skills Maya makes a welcome addition to the team.


Spider-Man: Having been asked to pull reserve duty with the team - Spider-Man has found himself amidst a renaissance of evil and corruption. Just where this path will take him is unknown, but one thing the web-swinger does know is that he has finally earned a spot among earth's mightiest.


Iron Man: Convinced to reform the Avengers by his best friend Steve Rogers. Tony Stark has temporarily put aside all doubts and put together a small budget to get a smaller functioning Avengers unit together. Their goal is to get to the bottom of the corruption in SHIELD, to find out what happened to Wanda, and to deal with the problems that have occurred since the disbanding of the old Avengers team.


Luke Cage: Having been apart of the attempt to stop the break out at the Raft and proving himself to be a capable hero in his own right. Captain America has asked Luke Cage to join the New Avengers as extra muscle to help deal with the problems the new team might face.